Love or Fear
Love or Fear by Michael Griffin

Love or Fear

OK, convince me...

So – why read Love or Fear? Well, it reveals the revolutionary, but simple process of Binary Selective Thinking (BST), and guides you to the all important password that will unlock your immense power to create the life you want.

Discover how to stop struggling with:

  • Relationships
  • Loneliness
  • Money
  • Health issues
  • Fitness
  • Work
  • Confidence
  • Business growth
  • Decision making

Learn how to take control and use your power. What more reason do you need to read "LOVE or FEAR"?

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"I'm an editor, which means I get to read and tweak lots of really interesting stuff for a vast range of clients. Recently I was asked to work on a fascinating book by author Michael Griffin, called Love or Fear. Michael's done years of research, examining many theories and creeds, and has now distilled his findings into a set of sensible, powerful principles that help you take responsibility and have control of your life." - Jude Irwin


"Hi Michael, I finished LOVE or FEAR last night. I love your writing and analogies, easy to follow and comprehend. On my continuing journey I am pleased I have LOVE or FEAR a must have tool for me to have as I live the life I deserve. Thank you for writing this wonderful straight forward concise valuable book. I am on a New venture for myself and your words are inspiring and empowering me to just go for it. So I THANK YOU I wish you Well with LOVE or FEAR .I am absolutely certain it will be a huge success.." - Jackie Hamilton